Colouring pencils at the ready... | Lily and Me


Colouring pencils at the ready...

Colouring pages

Our print designer Isobel works very hard each season to create the beautiful signature prints all our customers love!

With the situation we and the rest of the world are currently in we know there are a lot of idle and maybe anxious hands out there so we thought a little bit of colouring might help!

We are shaing a selection of signature Lily & Me prints, without the colour of course, all ready for you to be as creative as possible! Our print carousel will show you what colours Isobel has used and you could copy those if you wish or come up with your own! We've also added in a few prints from the Lily & Grace range that may be perfect for little ones!

Click here to see a section of printable designs to colour in and don't forget to share your creations with us!