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Little Hearts Matter

Lily & Me and its team are proud to be donating this year to Little Hearts Matter. LHM is a charity offering help to anyone affected by the diagnosis of single ventricle heart condition.

From initial antenatal diagnosis, through treatments and into life at home, the charity works with children, young adults and families to reduce the isolation, fear and lack of understanding created when a child is diagnosed as having half a working heart.

There are many different congenital heart defects (CHDs), (congenital meaning problems that the baby is born with). Some are minor defects such as small holes in the heart which may not need any treatment. Others, although more serious, can be corrected with an operation.

The third group are extremely serious conditions. Single ventricle heart conditions fall within this category. A series of surgical operations can be offered to allow a chance of life, but the child will never be cured of their condition, and they have to learn to live within lifestyle restrictions and, as a result, have an uncertain future.

We have introduced a donations option within our check out, if you would also like to help with this fantastic charity, please give generously as you buy.