Ethical Policy


Where are our products made?

Lily & Me are committed to doing business responsibly by caring for our people, supporting the communities around us and minimising our environmental impact.

Our primary manufacturer is our own factory in Kathmandu, Nepal where our co-founders Hari and Amelia have full control over working conditions and employment practices. We are proud to employ approximately 350 local staff with at least 170 machines running the daily production. It is extremely important to us that the factory staff and families are well treated, well paid and have a safe place to work. Hari is heavily involved in local projects in both Kathmandu and his home district, so our investment benefits both the immediate staff and the wider community.

We manufacture our fabric in China and a small percentage of our clothing is made in China and Bangladesh. We are committed to working in partnership with our suppliers to produce the best quality product, in factories with clearly defined working ethics. The country of origin is clearly stated on each product label.



We are working to reduce the use of all unnecessary consumable materials at Lily & Me including, where possible single-use plastic in our packaging. Our mailbags are made from a recyclable paper quality and our individual garment bags are recyclable plastic. We have maintained these in order to keep the garments in their best possible condition in transit to you and to allow for returns.