Our Factory




Our Factory

A-Z accountability of our product

We are proud to manufacture in our own factory in Nepal where we have full control over employment practices, production, supply chain and logistics.

This ensures every Lily & Me piece is carefully considered from the concept of fabric, print and shape, right through to manufacture and distribution from our factory, to our warehouse and on to you our customer. 

The factory employs approximately 250 staff with at least 170 machines running the daily production. It is extremely important to us that the factory staff and families are well treated, well paid and have a safe place to work.





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Hari is heavily involved in local projects in both Kathmandu and his home district of Gorkha, so our investment benefits the immediate staff and the wider community. 

Our knitwear is sourced from Bangladesh within Sedex accredited factories to ensure we are ethically compliant. We regularly visit our knit factories and have a good working relationship with Mosfikur and his team.

What makes us different?

  • We are a UK based family business, family values are at the heart of all we do
  • We own and manage our factory in Nepal. Our staff are part of our broader family meaning we personally know everyone involved in making our garments and every step of the process has accountability
  • We understand the impact the clothing industry can have on the world and we source sustainable yarns that use less water, energy and create less waste
  • We are passionate about offering the highest quality at the most affordable prices