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British by design, Beautiful by nature...

Lily & Me is a print led lifestyle brand offering beautiful, easy wearing clothing and accessories. We are a family owned business based in Gloucestershire and we love quality and attention to detail.  We design all of our prints and garments in-house and manufacture in our own factory in Kathmandu, Nepal, where we have full control over our working conditions and employment practices.

On this site you will find all our flair for designing and producing beautiful, feminine and wearable clothes. We think you will love what we do and how we do it!

Our clothes are designed to be lasting favourites, so pop them in your wardrobe and enjoy them year on year.

It's a Family Affair!

Our business was launched in early 2007 by founders Amelia Haywood and Hari Bhatta.  

Team PhotoComing from a manufacturing background, they had spent a number of years producing clothing for other brands and wanted to start a line of their own. As a print lover, Amelia knew from the outset that beautifully designed hand drawn prints would be core to the brand. Amelia and Hari were soon joined by brother Ben and sister Polly who helped drive the company to where it is today and more recently, Ben’s wife, Jo has joined the business to make it an all family concern. Even the brand’s name has a family connection, as Lily is Amelia and Hari’s daughter, so a meaningful name for us all. 

We have many strengths as a brand. Being a family business, we have a shared goal and common values. Family values are at the heart of all we do and we strive to be the best we can and offer our customers a product, service and experience that will have the coming back season after season.



Nepal Team





We are proud to say that we have our own factory in Nepal where 90% of our products are manufactured. We have full control over working conditions and employment practices.

The factory employs approximately 350 staff with at least 170 machines running the daily production. It is extremely important to us that the factory staff and families are well treated, well paid and have a safe place to work. Hari is heavily involved in local projects in both Kathmandu and his home district, so our investment benefits both the immediate staff and the wider community.

Our Story…

Our concept was to provide beautiful prints, easy care fabrics and flattering shapes. In the early days, Design and Marketing was managed by Amelia with help from sister, Polly, briefing two freelance print and garment designers on each collection. Whilst Amelia travelled back and forth from Nepal, where Hari and her ran their own factory, our parents John and Jane managed distribution - literally trading out of their garage in Cornwall! With the help of an agent, we sold into the south west, particularly capturing the holiday market.

As the brand grew, we were excited to be able to purchase a warehouse in Launceston, Cornwall. This meant that we could employ more staff and expand our offering. From there things really took off!

In 2012 we opened our design office in Gloucestershire and with the addition of a print designer, garment designer and garment technician we were able to bring all of the design in house.

In the past few years we have undergone rapid growth, relocating both the warehouse and offices to Gloucestershire and employing a team of 18 full time staff in addition to several part time employees. We also employ a team of 6 UK sales agents, and 3 European. They carry two collections per year to independent boutiques and clothes stores throughout the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe.

Lily & Me and our Planet

Lily & Me is a family run business. We strongly believe that family comes first, and this extends beyond our immediate family to encompass you our customers and all our employees both in the UK and Nepal.

Making clothes is damaging to the environment. We don’t claim to be perfect, but we can certainly do better and endeavour to make our clothes in a more responsible way. It is our responsibility to make our processes as green and sustainable as possible.

We want to make and sell our clothes in a way that is kindest to the environment and supports all our workers through the process. We want to make clothes that are well designed and made to last. We want to make clothes that make you feel good about yourself.



Our aims to do better

Everyone has good intentions, but we want to start putting these ideas into practice. When we look at it, there’s plenty we have already done, but how much further can we go? Here are our first steps, our immediate goals and our longer-term aspirations.

First Steps achieved

We ensure all our Nepalese workers have a fair and sustainable wage

We ensure all working conditions are a safe managed environment.

We avoid excess packaging

We always use sustainable biodegradable and compostable packaging

We reuse delivery boxes for all wholesale orders

Immediate Goals

Grow our Recycled fabric offering

Use recycled polyester for our Brushed Polyester Garments

Improve our viscose fabrics to Eco Vero quality

Ensure all suppliers responsibly source

Increase and improve our cotton fabric to include both organic and fair trade cotton.

Working with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

Longer Term

Working with suppliers to ensure all our fabrics and garments are sustainably and responsibly sourced within the next 3 years.

Partnering with SEDEX to assess and audit our supply chain

Ensuring we can gain OEKO – TEX accreditation – ensuring all our garments and processes are free from harmful chemicals

Achieving GOTS – Global organic Textile standard

Ensuring we are part of the Ethical Trading Initiative

Sustainable Packaging

As part of our sustainability drive, we are minimising all excessive packaging at every stage of our production line. This includes transportation of fabric, to receiving goods into our Gloucestershire warehouse and finally to sending our wonderful clothes to both our Wholesale and retail customers. We have already changed from single use plastic mail bags for our online orders to brown paper bags that can be reused or recycled. Furthermore, we reuse our cardboard boxes for wholesale orders, not as pretty as new boxes, but far kinder to the environment.

How We Choose Our Yarns

We are mindful of our impact on the world.

We choose our fabrics following certain criteria and intentions for reducing detrimental impact of fashion on the environment. Where possible we source sustainable yarns that use less water, energy and create less waste.  If not using natural fibres we aim to choose sustainable alternatives that are less impactful.

Our intention is to continuously improve and reduce each collections impact on the environment.

Stroud Store

Shop Image


In 2019 Lily & Me opened our first stand alone store in our home town of Stroud, Gloucestershire. Having supplied independent stores for the past 12 years, it felt right to venture onto the high street ourselves.