About Us


Lily & Me clothing was established in 2007 by Amelia Haywood and Hari Bhatta and named, rather beautifully after their daughter, Lily. Coming from a manufacturing background, they spent a number of years producing clothing for other brands and wanted to start a line of their own.

Amelia's love of print, colour, and fashion inspired their journey into Lily & Me, with her aim to make modern, joyful, and quality clothing for women worldwide. Amelia and Hari were soon joined by brother Ben and sister Polly who have helped drive the company to where it is today.

Team photo


Based in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, Lily & Me HQ is coordinated by Amelia, Ben, and Polly. All Lily & Me fabrics and prints are individual to the brand, hand-painted by our team who are meticulous in their design process. Each piece is carefully considered from the concept of fabric, design, shape, and style, ensuring we deliver modern and stylish clothing season after season, year after year.  




Production-wise, Lily & Me are proud to manufacture in their own factory in Kathmandu, Nepal, where they have full control over all working conditions and employment practices.

Hari is at the helm of all things in Nepal, to ensure Lily & Me have complete control over production, supply chain, and logistics. He is heavily involved in local projects in both Kathmandu and his home district, ensuring investment benefits both the immediate staff, their families and the wider community.

Stroud Store




Lily & Me now feature in over 350 stores in the UK and Europe and in 2019 we opened our first stand alone store in our home town of Stroud, Gloucestershire. Having supplied independent stores for the past 12 years, it felt right to venture onto the high street ourselves!